WE EXPERTISE IN Turning your Dreams into Reality!

We create designs into seamless Products!
We strive to grow the technical grounds that enable us to transform beautiful designs into cutting-edge product interfaces.
Having some excellent experts in product designing and development, Penpenny signifies a prominent niche in serving start-ups, small and large scale enterprises.
Product design encourages the success of your application.

  • We create compelling experiences.
  • We drive user acquisition.
  • We engage with customers.

UI/UX Design

Creating seamless but efficient user flow in applications.
We build a simplistic UI and UX approach, which is the quickest way to customers loyalty. We know how users interact with apps and how to create simple but efficient user flow. User experience (UX) design plays an important role in the design and development of software, mobile apps, and websites.

We are creating visually appealing user interfaces and application designs.

  • Research
  • Product Design
  • Implementation

Mobile Application Development

With our experience in mobile app development over a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, we have accomplished a strong reputation for helping customers to reach their goals on mobile devices. We partner with you to design such mobile solutions that will benefit your business and customers.

Our in-house experts have experience of half a decade and are committed to developing mobile apps which will foster your business. Our work is the result of constant research and never-ending creativity.

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development

SaaS Development

Developing designs for your Big Ideas!
Whether you're developing anything from scratch or upgrading an existing product, our designers and developers have you covered! The current generation believes in Software-as-a-Service applications. As a SaaS application development company, we help to create your products to SaaS model.

  • Integration with 3rd party solutions
    • We have experts dealing in integrating the SaaS apps with 3rd party solutions via custom integration apps or APIs.
  • Custom API Development
    • As a SaaS based product development company, we develop customized API for your app for easy data exchange.
  • Integration with Data Source
    • We develop customized solutions to help integration with external data sources.

Start-up Solution

Turning your brilliant idea into a Successful Product.
We at Penpenny go to extreme lengths to cultivate a resonant, meaningful brand that is desired by your audience. We are keen to provide everything needed to accomplish your start-up, from building to release of a thoroughly functioning MVP. We encourage entrepreneurs to test and approve their business model by using an Agile development approach.

No matter what your financial means are, we will find the way to help you!

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)in 120 days
  • MDP (Minimum Delightful Product)in 30 days
  • Product Development

Cloud Computing- DevOps Services

Maintaining the symbiotic relationship.
Cloud computing is universal in today’s ambitious and dynamic business world. We linked it with the DevOps culture, and found that businesses and developers stand to gain substantial consistency of code and better execution of software and applications.

With our skills in DevOps and Cloud computing, we support our clients to benefit the most from high-performing cloud system.

  • Cloud Security
  • CI(Continuous Integration)
  • CD(Continuous Derivation)